“The Magical Art of Mental Projection” by Charles Mage

"The Magical Art of Mental Projection" by Charles Mage

"The Magical Art of Mental Projection is an occult writing on the ancient and secret practice of projecting the mind, also known as mental wandering or mental travel. This magical practice will allow you to travel the world, the cosmos, and the entire multiverse. As the Hermetic teaching goes, "The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental," and it is exactly this universal teaching that will allow you to penetrate the divine mysteries and travel the worlds visible and invisible.

The Magical Art of Mental Projection lifts the veil and reveals clear-cut instructive teachings and techniques of mental travelling. For a long time, this practice has been revealed only to chosen initiates and members of the occult. Indeed, strict secrecy was observed. This magical writing shall give a chance to those who may have the devotion and sincerity to practice the occult art of mental projection to finally see and experience the divine mysteries themselves through legitimate and genuine instructions. Ages of wisdom is hereby revealed deep in these pages. Indeed, this is more than an occult writing, but a journey that a seeker and magical practitioner can take – a journey that can change their view on life and how they see the world around them. Chances are that by the time you go deep in this journey, you will never be the same again."