“The Witch’s Spellbook for Beginners: Enchantments, Incantations, and Rituals from Around the World” by Sarah Bartlett

"The Witch's Spellbook for Beginners: Enchantments, Incantations, and Rituals from Around the World" by Sarah Bartlett

"Manifest your dreams with easy-to-follow spells that align with the cycles of nature and the universe.

Magic can change your life and help you manifest your best self. Anyone with the curiosity and willingness can connect to the power of the natural and supernatural and to blend ancient practices in a modern context. Adapted from Sarah Bartlett’s The Witch’s Spellbook, this guide gives new and aspiring witches a simple path to the art of practical magic and the empowerment of magic spells.

Following an introduction to the basics of witchcraft, The Witch’s Spellbook for Beginners holds an abundance of spells organized by concern—including your self, change, wishes, love, home and family, career, money, and protection. Whether you are looking to channel spirit guides and those who have passed over, need a protection amulet for you or a loved one, or manifest a new direction that aligns with your life’s desires, this spellbook will empower and inform your budding craft as a witch. Harness the power of the astrological elements, explore the lunar cycles and how they can enhance your magic, and embrace the seasons to amplify your spells and divination work.

The spells include:
Find Your Life Direction
Restore Holistic Health
Make a Decision
Manifest an Aspiration
Ignite Desire
Get Over a Breakup
Change Careers
Open the Door to Prosperity
Banish Negativity

Plan your spellwork by date, season, and lunar phase, and identify spells that can be used any time, using the calendar index of spells at the back of the book.

Start your journey into witchcraft with purposeful and practical spells for every day and every event."