“Accidental Christ: The Story of Jesus (as Told by His Uncle)” by Lon Milo DuQuette (2007 edition)

"Accidental Christ: The Story of Jesus (as Told by His Uncle)" by Lon Milo DuQuette (2007 edition)

" Two millennia ago, a charismatic Jewish teacher emerged from the sands of Roman Palestine. His wise, sometimes enigmatic teachings, his ability to heal the sick, and the miraculous feats he performed before the eyes of his many followers brought him fame, admiration and adoration, as well as resentment and ultimately, death. Yet, in the score of centuries that passed, his life's story has been told and re-told more than that of any man who has ever lived. Who was this Jesus? Was he the King of the Jews? The Son of God? A prophet? A politician? A religious teacher? Was he an individual caught up in a drama much greater than himself, perhaps divinely inspired to fulfill an age-old prophecy? In his first novel, bestselling author Lon Milo DuQuette tells a remarkable tale of what might have been… Through the magic of his narrative, DuQuette brings to life the historical and cultural milieu from which Jesus, John the Baptist, and the woman known in the Gospels as Mary Magdalene arose. The streets and temples and homes of ancient Galilee appear vividly before us, as do the priests, soldiers, merchants, wandering prophets, and Gnostic initiates of the time. Thoughtful readers of all persuasions will discover that this wonderful story, while admittedly fiction, is also based on the fruits of modern scholarship — making ACCIDENTAL CHRIST not only a pleasure to read, but also a provocative tale, a fascinating story that both inspires and challenges our thinking about Jesus."

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