“Eros and Pornography in Russian Culture” edited by Marcus Levitt and Andrei Toporkov

"Eros and Pornography in Russian Culture" edited by Marcus Levitt and Andrei Toporkov

"Since glasnost and the political changes in Russia over the past few decades, strict censorship has been replaced with free speech, allowing pornographic literature to appear in public. Not only has contemporary pornography become a new freedom, past Russian erotic literature, hidden away for decades, has been revealed. This volume is part of the series ‚ÄúRussian Forbidden Literature‚ÄĚ, shedding light on previously inaccessible material.

This bi-lingual collection of articles addresses a broad spectrum of questions connected to the history and national character of erotica in Russian literature, folklore and art of the XVIII-XX centuries. It is based on papers given at the international Russian-American "Conference on Russian Pornography", held at the University of Southern California in May 1998. Additionally, the volume contains a unique set of illustrations, the greater part of which was supplied by the collector and bibliophile L.V. Bessmertnykh."