“Magick Gods And Goddesses: A Rubik’s Cube Of Deities And Angels” by Joel King

"Magick Gods And Goddesses: A Rubik's Cube Of Deities And Angels" by Joel King

"In this manual, you'll get a practical and straight forward approach to connecting to the group of guides that have formed our Rubik's Cube of Magick Helpers. This will help if you you’d like to change your luck, if you feel cursed, want help from a psychic attack, in addition to many other types of scenarios. These guides can also help with protection to your home, family, money, relationships and more. Additionally, these deities can help you discover peace, prosperity and happiness through the power of magick.

These foundations of guides, deities, Gods and Goddesses have radically changed our lives – and I'm sure it can for you as well! Add this tool to your magick craft. Connect to the Rubik’s Cube of Gods and Goddesses. "