“30 Days Of Magick: Living The Path Of Divine Wealth” by Joel King

"30 Days Of Magick: Living The Path Of Divine Wealth" by Joel King

" Unlease The Divine Power Of Magick For Personal Growth
Chaos Magick is a powerful tool of creation. In this powerful book, lifelong occultist, Joel King presents a Chaos Magick (or Chaos Magic) paradigm of spiritual expansion, discovery and empowerment. Left behind is the dogma of religion, societal protocol, and tradition-based limitations. Whether you come from a Wicca background, a Pagan bias, a Witchcraft interest, a Hoodoo base, or have an affinity for other belief systems of faith like Buddhism, Shinto, Confucianism and/or The Teutonic Order – wherever your interests be – let them serve as additional Magickal tools of empowerment for every day life.

Achieve prosperity. Discover wealth. Embrace peace of mind. Be Empowered. Shift yourself to a life of Practical Magick during the next 30 days."