“Killing Weakness: The Samurai’s Path to Self-Actualization” by Ryan Perez

"Killing Weakness: The Samurai's Path to Self-Actualization" by Ryan Perez

"Killing Weakness: The Samurai's Path to Self-Actualization is an intimate depiction of one man's journey to internal fortitude through the consistent practice of combat training. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and serial entrepreneur Ryan Perez wrestled with mediocrity for years before adopting the established principles of the samurai warrior. Now he's here to reveal how this battle tested philosophy can help you overcome past trauma and create an empowering personal evolution. Written for anyone struggling for direction and pulled straight from the bushido code, Perez illuminates the fundamental principles for a disciplined, successful life. Following these proven methods, you'll be inspired to battle harmful habits and unlock your inner strength."