“Numerology: Including Simple Number Spells & Tarot” by Andrea Green

"Numerology: Including Simple Number Spells & Tarot" by Andrea Green

"A clear-cut guide to the most essential methods of personal numerology. Andrea Green shares several unique methods – particularly using tarot – of using powerful numerology magick to make changes in your life.

More importantly, this book is designed to give clear and practical application of Numerology to everyday life and tarot readings. You will learn how useful Numerology can be in looking at the patterns in your life, love, and work – and even the names of the company best suited for you in employment!

Features unique numerology methods, including what the number of your phone – or someone else's – says about your communication style!

Whilst aimed at absolute beginners, advanced practititoners will discover innovative methods of numerology, particularly the use of Tarot Equations, a previously unpublished method which divines the very patterns built into the universe."