“Initiates of the Flame: The Deluxe Edition” by Manly P. Hall

"Initiates of the Flame: The Deluxe Edition" by Manly P. Hall

"A Definitive Edition of the Symbolist Classic by the author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Manly P. Hall is widely recognized as the preeminent voice of occult scholarship in the twentieth century, famous for his esoteric masterpiece The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1928). Now, in this “deluxe edition,” Hall’s earliest work, The Initiates of the Flame, is reborn with a full complement of illustrations and historical introductions.

Originally published in 1922, The Initiates of the Flame is Hall’s first exploration―and still one of his most powerful―of myth and symbol. Its pages shine on a light on the inner meaning of symbols including the pyramid, holy grail, flame of wisdom, ark of the covenant, all-seeing eye, sword and stone, the elements of alchemy, and other gateways to the unseen world.

Edited and reintroduced by popular voice of esoteric spirituality, Mitch Horowitz, and president of the Philosophical Research Society, Greg Salyer, Ph.D., this is the signature presentation of Hall’s landmark."