“Magick and the Law Of Attraction: A User’s Guide” by Maggie Shayne

"Magick and the Law Of Attraction: A User's Guide" by Maggie Shayne

"You are more powerful than you ever dreamed.

The Law of Attraction is currently sweeping our awareness thanks to works like those of Jerry and Esther Hicks and the hit film, The Secret. "Like attracts like", it says. "You can only experience what you put out", it says. "You can and do create your own reality", it says.

To those who practice natural magick, folk magick, witchcraft, this is old news. Creating one’s reality is what spells are all about.

Now for the first time, a high priestess and elder in the Craft of the Wise, who has been studying Law of Attraction for more than decade, explains how anyone can learn to blend these two disciplines into an easy, blissful way of being that will enhance and empower your life beyond anything you’ve ever imagined."