“Understanding Indo-European Cosmology, Theology, and Metaphysics” by Zachary Gill (Hammer & Vajra III)

"Understanding Indo-European Cosmology, Theology, and Metaphysics" by Zachary Gill (Hammer & Vajra III)

"In this companion book to Syncretic Indo-European Faith (Hammer & Vajra), Mr. Gill focuses, firstly, on Indo-European apologetics to provide Pagans, Heathens, and those of Dharmic faith (Vedic Heathenism for those who follow the Hammer and Vajra project), ammunition for defense, as well as clear-cut answers for their own questions. Second, he hopes it will provide believers with a skillset to reach others of their folk, tribe, community, or Indo-European leaning peoples and guide them towards a more structured, and stable belief, though one that is still freer with its expression and connection to the greater picture than that of other faiths.

For those who aren’t of Indo-European faith, or heritage, the hope is that this book unveils a deeper understanding of our faith through an apologetic defense, allowing us to speak for ourselves, instead of those who chose to persecute us, to put the words in our mouths, and set their own stage.

This book can be read alone for those already nominally familiar with Indo-European faiths, Paganism, or theology."