“The Taoist Hedgewitch: Witchcraft for a new age” by Bishop Whitewind

"The Taoist Hedgewitch: Witchcraft for a new age" by Bishop Whitewind

"Having freed myself from the dogma of the Deep South I trusted nothing but the quiet as my original teacher. Deciding that if sitting was good enough for Buddha it would suffice for me as well. Only after years of sitting did I start to research Sutras from as far back in time as I could find. Assuming the same tendencies for stale repetition, replication, and preference for ritual that had led so many so far astray had likely diluted other material as well.

I went back to the original translations of Buddhist text and then went back even more. I set out to shape my life into the patterns found in Sutras from thousands of years ago and drew my inspiration from the proto-yogis long since forgotten. The only text I would take inspiration from were all more than 2000 years old.

Many years passed and I began to piece together that much of what I did as a boy to amuse myself were the same as what I was reading. What the monks of Tibet did to dry their laundry in the snow I did as a boy out of curiosity and boredom. What the yogis did to train their minds I did instead of television. None of this would of stuck me as very eventful had I not grown up entirely isolated from such cutlers. To this day much of what is written in this book is lost, perhaps not to all but certainly to those in the west.

I ended up an aimless Taoist wandering the land of the lost. I however began to see the plight of mankind and yearned to help. The Buddhist just sits, the Taoist just is, but the witch has an oar. The stillness that I had found prepared me for my journey. I set out to find any truth behind the reoccurring stories I had encountered. I engaged in the path of the sage to apply the quiet observation from a still mind and soul to the science of the occult.

During this journey I grew from a passive atheist into a powerful witch and Wiccan. This book is the result of 8 straight years spent researching result oriented, practical, and applicable magic. It also contains the insights and meditations from my time before I dove into the occult.

To be short, this book is a self-contained training manual in its entirety that aims to be a beacon to the lost and an aid to the persistent. Many are born powerfully empathic. Many are born with the ability to manifest their desires. Many are born with the gifts of sight and prophecy. Left untamed however these gifts are often more painful and destructive than any curse. A priestess in the East would die in a gutter in the valley of West. I’ve lost too many good people to confusion and will lose no more. Embrace your gifts and reclaim your birthright as a spiritual being."