“Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy” by John Kreiter

"Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy" by John Kreiter

"Almost every person on Earth is born and dies as a slave. People are born into this world and soon after become indoctrinated into a system designed to take as much energy as possible from them, until the day comes when they finally lose all their energy and die; an awareness bubble is created by the churning sea, moves a little within this sea, and is destroyed by that same pressure that will create another awareness bubble somewhere else.
Throughout this small journey from one point in the Dark Sea to another, almost every single thought that this self-aware energetic bubble will have, won’t be its own. It will be an implant, an imposed thought created by a foreign power that gives with one hand and takes double with the other.
This life is our challenge, the place where the self-aware human bubble can perfect its energetic control. If it can perfect its ability to manipulate energy well enough, it has a chance to wrestle its individuality away from the Alien Trap and take this individuality on journeys beyond all current conceivable possibility.

Many write about humanity’s strange history and the dark powers that have a controlling interest in its fate.
BUT few writers and investigators ever show you how to really escape this trap. They tell you what is going on, but they really don’t have a good answer when they are finally asked how to beat this evil force.
This book changes that!

It clearly shows you how a human being can escape this ‘prison without walls’, so that they may beat the Great Archonic forces at their own game!"