“Experiential Magick: The Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path” by Michael Merik

"Experiential Magick: The Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path" by Michael Merik

"Experiential Magick is a comprehensive and transformative guide to the practice of magick. It distinguishes itself by welcoming practitioners of all spiritual paths and traditions, emphasizing personal experience over dogma. The book provides a step-by-step journey, free from fluff or irrelevant anecdotes, packed with transformative exercises that empower readers to explore and harness their own magickal potential. It covers fundamental principles, foundational skills, rituals, psychic self-defense, divination, energy work, and more, offering both theoretical knowledge and practical application. The book empowers individuals to achieve inner transformation and manifest their intentions through direct experience, bridging the gap between knowing and walking the magickal path.

The methods employed in Experiential Magick represent a culmination of the most successful and time-tested concepts and practices drawn from a diverse array of magickal traditions. This unique approach underscores the book's commitment to distilling the most effective and transformative elements of various magickal teachings into a cohesive and accessible system. By carefully selecting and integrating these concepts, Experiential Magick offers practitioners a comprehensive and well-rounded magickal toolkit that transcends the boundaries of any single tradition. It celebrates the universal principles that unite magickal practice while respecting the rich tapestry of traditions that have contributed to its evolution over time."