“Glimpses of Magonia: A Memoir of My Anomalous Experiences” by Emma Woods

"Glimpses of Magonia: A Memoir of My Anomalous Experiences" by Emma Woods

"An anomalous experiencer’s life is complicated.

Unnerving events, profoundly at odds with our current mainstream view of reality, periodically intrude into everyday life. In doing so, they offer tantalizing views of otherworldly realms that we do not yet understand.

In Glimpses of Magonia, Emma Woods shares her deeply personal journey navigating a lifetime of disconcerting yet transformative anomalous experiences. Her story provides a unique insight into what drives experiencers like her to seek answers in the UFO field.

Woods further documents groundbreaking research on UFO sightings, alien encounters, and the paranormal. The intriguing results provide important additional clues as to how the supernatural enigma operates in our world.

NOTE: This book does not cover any events that occurred after Woods approached the UFO field. Rather, it is an account of her experiences from early childhood onward that ultimately led her there."

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