“Banned Mind Control Secrets” by Richard Dotts (Banned Secrets Book 1)

"Banned Mind Control Secrets" by Richard Dotts (Banned Secrets Book 1)

"If you read books such as Three Magic Words or It Works but found them lacking in a scientific, logical explanation, then this short book is for you. In Banned Mind Control Secrets, author Richard Dotts takes a modern, scientific and coherent look at the science behind the teachings of the greatest spiritual and self-help teachers.

If you have always wondered about the existence of the subconscious mind, whether it exists and how you can tap into it in a modern, effective way… or if visualisations and affirmations have failed to produce results for you, then Banned Mind Control Secrets brings you the latest evidence from scientific research to uncover the TRUTH behind these techniques.

You may be surprised at how much common ground modern cutting-edge scientific research has with the age old practices taught by the great spiritual teachers. Richard Dotts shares his own personal journey, and tells you why there is really nothing separate or different about all the different self-help manifestation techniques taught throughout the ages.

This is NOT a book about how to control the minds of others, but rather, how to control your OWN mind to more effectively get and create reality in a way that pleases you."