“The Rainbow Witch: Enhance Your Magic with the Secret Powers of Color” by Kac Young

"The Rainbow Witch: Enhance Your Magic with the Secret Powers of Color" by Kac Young

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"Embrace the vibrant world of rainbow magic with this captivating guide to the mystical powers of colors.

The Rainbow Witch is a guide to color and magic that encompasses all factions of witchcraft practices and practitioners. In this book, readers are initiated into each of the seven colors of the rainbow by learning the spiritual meaning, intensity, and magical purpose of each color. The Rainbow Witch provides a treasure chest of wisdom with practices that can help you set up a color altar, enhance your spells, connect with entities beyond the veil, use your chakra energy to open the color portals, and give you more power than you dreamed possible. Author Kac Young offers:
Symbolic language
Powerful nature magic integrating plants, crystals, and animals
Prayers, incantations, and rituals
Mental techniques for effective practice that will deepen your abilities and magical talents

Perfect for fans of The Green Witch and other witchcraft books, The Rainbow Witch combines the ancient wisdom of color magic with modern-day practices, providing a path to empowerment and transformation. This spell book delves into the spiritual meanings of each color of the rainbow, offering a treasure trove of wisdom for both beginners and experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their connection with the divine forces of the universe."