“Alive with Spirits: The Path and Practice of Animistic Witchcraft” by Althaea Sebastiani

"Alive with Spirits: The Path and Practice of Animistic Witchcraft" by Althaea Sebastiani

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"At the root of most spiritual traditions is the aspiration to realize one’s birthright: an intimate connection with the Land and the spiritual energies that inhabit it. This connection with the Land and its spirits is perhaps nowhere more powerfully felt than in the various traditions of Paganism and witchcraft. But the conditions of modern society strain that relationship, leaving us feeling separated from our craft and unable to feel that deep and vital connection.

Discover a path to fully embrace a world filled with spirits, communion with the Land, and a greater sense of belonging in the world—a worldview known as animism. Explore animism in a hands-on way that teaches through firsthand direct experiences. Through embodied exercises based in wholeness, you’ll learn to see the world more fully for what it is and to better understand your place in it.

​Learn the three general types of local spirits
Explore the importance of relationships and what it means to be in community
Uncover the way that the wholeness of the world is reflected in the wholeness of the self
Begin to nurture right relationships with your local spirits

Alive with Spirits provides you with a firm foundation from which to transform your witchcraft practice, rooting it into the Land and in strong, respectful relationships with the spirits around you."