“#OpGrimoire: The Hexorian Field Guide To Urban Witchcraft” by The Hexorian Movement

"#OpGrimoire: The Hexorian Field Guide To Urban Witchcraft" by The Hexorian Movement

"Have You Heard The Message?

Uncover the Magic hidden between the sidewalk cracks with this Field Guide to Urban Witchcraft. Engage with the urban landscape around you and harness its boundless possibilities for a thriving magickal practice. #OpGrimoire: The Hexorian Field Guide To Urban Witchcraft provides a way for you to connect with your city's diverse spiritual ecosystem and channel the powerful energy running through it.

Contents Include:
EREHWREVEN OT EMOCLEW Introduction To the Hexorian Movement
WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME A Modern Pantheon for Urban Witches
Hexorian Book of Shadows.
FEED THE CITY: A Simple Devotion Rite.
THE CITY WILL FEED US : Simple Rite to Make A Request of the Spirits of the City
Urban Methods for Mind-Power Development.
Lord Of The Shadow City: Hexorian Necromancy.
Hex & the City: Hexorian Spellbook
Urban Shamanism
The Origin of Hexorius & the Hexorian Movement.