“Theorematis Thaumaturgia de Metaphysicae: The Metaphysics of Thaumaturgic Theory” by Eremita Arcanum

"Theorematis Thaumaturgia de Metaphysicae: The Metaphysics of Thaumaturgic Theory" by Eremita Arcanum

"Theorematis Thaumaturgia de Metaphysicae, or "The Metaphysics of thaumaturgic theory" creates a bold new theoretical framework that redomains occult theory, bringing together various strains of phenomenological disciplines such as: Western hermetic and occult practice, Jungian psychology, the parapsychology of J.B. Rhine, and a bit of modern quantum theory forming a coherent model describing the nature, source, and functioning of psychical, synchronistic, and thaumaturgic phenomena. Both grimoire and manifesto, the Thaumaturgia strips away the artificial boundary between science, and its disaffected parent sorcery, opening the toolbox of the sciences for use in the evolution of a more effective thaumaturgic practice. While operating as a technical manual, the Thaumaturgia duals as a scholarly metaphysical meditation on the nature and experience of thaumaturgic phenomena to expose a clearer view of the reality underneath.

Writing under the pseudonym Eremita Arcanum, the author of the Theorematis Thaumaturgia de Metaphysicae follows the old grimoire tradition of using a Latin alias both to honor tradition and, as in the tradition, to avoid burning with their book. Eremita Arcanum, the person, is an engineer, artist, dilettante scientist, and philosopher of the old order. While Eremita respects the old occult traditions, the contents of the Thaumaturgia itself brings that tradition, kicking and screaming, into a modern context. For decades, Eremita studied psychical and occult phenomena, and finding them linked with psychology delved deep into the sciences of the mind, both western and eastern. However, the occult sciences are occult for a reason, and it was not until the author stumbled onto a certain obscure mathematical theorem that they achieved a breakthrough. The Thaumaturgia is the result of decades of Eremita’s research combined with a sudden epiphany derived from this proof applied on a grand scale to solve the darkest problem in occult philosophy—how does magical, psychical, and synchronistic phenomena work."