“Magickal Qi Gong: Awakening the Dragon” by Rene Collins

"Magickal Qi Gong: Awakening the Dragon" by Rene Collins

"For thousands of years the Daoist adepts have meticulously investigated the laws of Qi to promote vitality, health and wellbeing. Now for the first time a Qi Gong manual dedicated to the Magick worker is available. Asthma has been called the ceremonial magicians disease. Many dear friends in the occult community have also passed away from liver disease and pancreatic cancer. Currently joint issues and edema affect our community. Have you ever wondered why? The science of Qi Gong has the answer. In these pages you will find helpful remedies to assist in alleviating physical maladies, as well as Qi Gong practices for preventative care. You'll also find the secret to creating Magickal Health through the process of combining Qi Gong with your own personal magickal program.

In these pages you'll learn:
Which elements are connected to an internal organ,
How to sense imbalance in an organ,
What Qi Gong exercises to perform,
How to create Magickal Health, and the appropriate time to perform Qi Gong before and after a ritual.

The book also has examples of healing rituals combining Western Magickal techniques with Qi Gong when used as a supplementary source of energy to charge your ritual. The book also goes into how to maintain balance of yin/mother currents and yang/father currents to create physical homeostasis; the foundation for magickal equipoise. The book includes illustrations of each Qi Gong movement. This book is for the light worker from every magickal tradition."