“NECROMANTEIA: Necromantic Apotheosis” by Shawn Frix

"NECROMANTEIA: Necromantic Apotheosis" by Shawn Frix

"Necromantic apotheosis Is an attept to elevate this practice to a higher level. In this context, I am using this not to raise it to exact godhood but to add a new depth to this subject. I hear people use it in different contexts but in the Necromantic sense, we are mastering the art of communicating and working with the spirits of the dead. There are many different aspects to mastering this art. Just like studying any form of discipline, it requires hours and years of study to truly understand the goals and effort you have to put forth to really achieve any success in this practice. You are not likely to just pick up a book on spirit communication and suddenly you are all-knowing and have mastery of calling a shade or spirit."