“Spiral Breath: Activating Higher Consciousness, Healing and the Glia Brain” by Gayle Mack

"Spiral Breath: Activating Higher Consciousness, Healing and the Glia Brain" by Gayle Mack

"The Spiral Breath is a simple, yet powerful breathing technique that reconnects communication between the heart and the brain. Divinely 'given by God' to help heal the authors' brain injury, the Spiral Breath is a bridge between spirituality and science. The healing process spans the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The Spiral Breath can activate the amygdala, pineal, pituitary, limbic system, thousand petal lotus, frontal lobes and the glia brain. The synergy between breath, intention, biology, science, frequency and energy increases Vital Life Force. Combined, the Spiral Breath and increased Vital Life Force can assist in clearing emotional wounds and mental blocks with greater ease, accelerate healing time; increase Higher Consciousness and awaken our extra-sensory gifts, such as, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, telepathy and astral projection.

Spiral Breath: Activating Higher Consciousness, Healing and the Glia Brain covers the importance of breathing correctly, cellular memory flush, emotions and how to reprogram positive feelings and actions into our daily life. In-depth explanations of the amygdala, limbic system, the Thousand Petal Lotus and the Glia brain are addressed, as well as, the benefits of incorporating pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Chakras, color, sound, dowsing, sacred geometry, frequency and energy, including Tachyon, Subtle Organizing Energy Fields, Zero-Point Energy, Absolute Zero and Toroidal Fields are addressed, along with, activating our personal Merkabah. Emotions and actions, such as, Courage, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Inner Peace and Changing Your Perception are also discussed. Personal experience, channeled wisdom, spirituality and insights from The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and other ancient sacred texts are woven throughout the pages to enhance your Inner Peace and transform your life. Everything is energy from Thought to Breath to Light and Unconditional Love. ALL are energy and ALL are interconnected.The Spiral Breath technique helps you awaken dormant brain function and achieve Higher Consciousness and your multidimensional Divine I AM —"Fully Realized Human Being-ness."