“The Golden Triangle” by Robert Lester Peck

"The Golden Triangle" by Robert Lester Peck

"The Golden Triangle contains Robert Lester Peck's (a.k.a Robert L. Peck) first translation of the esoteric teachings of the Parātrimshīkā which he found within an Indian document called the Parātrishïkā Vivarana by the Indian sage and mystic Abhinavagupta. Peck reveals how the Parātrimshīkā is about a "super power" that resides within the "heart" located between the thighs. Discussions range from the inner creative fluid called soma to the metaphysical opening of the heart called mātrena also expressed as "the union of the Sun and Moon".

Peck reveals what the Golden Triangle is actually comprised of and how it had been known and expressed in many ways throughout the world. It also includes practices necessary to find, develop, and direct one's own self-development in the modern world.

The Golden Triangle is about the discovery of a powerful Sanskrit document and the revival of definitions used by the ancients that tied together much of the old sciences to make them applicable to today's modern world. The results point to a long-forgotten power lying within individuals that is best described (as did the ancient philosophers) as being androgynous. Peck confirms how much of the older writings can now be reinterpreted as providing explanations and methodology for bringing this power into your life."