“Tuning into the Afterlife: How to Stay in Touch with the Flipside” by Richard Martini

"Tuning into the Afterlife: How to Stay in Touch with the Flipside" by Richard Martini

"Starting with Flipside: A tourist's guide on how to Navigate the afterlife Richard has been filming people under hypnosis talking about the afterlife, as well as filming people not under hypnosis talking about the afterlife. He's done interviews with mediums who work with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases (Backstage Pass to the Flipside with Jennifer Shaffer books 1, 2 and 3). He and Jennifer have a podcast where they weekly speak directly to folks no longer on the planet. (HackingTheAfterlife.com) The last book was Architecture of the Afterlife where he used the example of his father, R. Charles Martini, an architect in Chicago who taught him how to read a blueprint.

In this book, he focuses on the knowledge his mother gave him, a concert pianist who used to perform regularly in Washington during WWII, who often invited the first chairs of the Chicago Symphony to their home. That began a lifetime in music, including performing with bands in LA ("Imminent Disaster") composing music for feature films (Point of Betrayal, Cannes Man). In his interviews with mediums (Jennifer Shaffer, Kimberly Babcock, Raylene Nuanes) different musicians would come through to discuss what it was like for them on the flipside. By realizing he could ask more detailed questions from people who are no longer were on the planet, he took this musical journey into the "the afterlife"."