“Simple Tarot Card Meanings: Learn to Read Tarot Cards” by Angie Green

"Simple Tarot Card Meanings: Learn to Read Tarot Cards" by Angie Green

"Have you ever wanted to read tarot cards — without memorizing or struggling to remember the tarot card meanings?

In this book, you will discover simple and modern interpretations of the 78 tarot cards, with sample tarot readings for Love, Money, Health, Work, and Spiritual Guidance.

Perfect for tarot beginners and more advanced readers alike, each tarot card includes upright and reversed keywords, correspondences, and a clear and easy-to-remember description of the card. Written by Angie Green, best selling author and creator of The Simple Tarot Deck, this book can be used with any RWS-based tarot deck and is a perfect companion to The Simple Tarot Deck.

If you want to learn the tarot card meanings simply and easily without struggle, get this book today."