“Paranormal and Transcendental Experience: A Psychological Examination” by Andrew Neher (1990 second edition)

"Paranormal and Transcendental Experience: A Psychological Examination" by Andrew Neher (1990 second edition)

"Flashes of creative insight, mystical and ecstatic states of mind, dreams foretelling the future… are these and other extraordinary—and sometimes even useful—experiences paranormal, or are they events shaped by subtle psychological processes of the mind?

In this well-balanced evaluation of transcendental experiences, a noted authority on the subject rationally and impartially explores these and other topics. Combining a healthy skepticism with scholarly objectivity and a solid understanding of psychological principles and research, Prof. Neher discusses the roles of physiology, conditioning, and cultural influences in determining the nature of extraordinary experiences. His study covers a broad range of topics: meditation, deprivation and motivation, hypnosis, contagious behavior, multiple personality, out-of-body experiences, mediums, psychokinesis, prophecy, apparitions, psychic healing, astrology, UFOs, mystery houses, the Bermuda Triangle, and much more. A concluding chapter offers a timely update on such recent and controversial phenomena as "channeling" and the use of crystals, as well as a reexamination of theories—both popular and scholarly—of transcendental experience.

Prof. Neher's obvious dedication to this subject, his lively narrative, and his effective use of examples and abundant references promise the curious reader as well as the devout believer an educational and rewarding experience. The volume will also be a welcome addition to the libraries of serious students of parapsychology, transpersonal psychology and related topics."