“Teaching of Huna: The Secret Science Behind Miracles & Self-Suggestion” by Max Freedom Long

"Teaching of Huna: The Secret Science Behind Miracles & Self-Suggestion" by Max Freedom Long

"The Secret Science Behind Miracles deals with the discovery of an ancient and secret system of workable magic, which, if we can learn to use it as did the native magicians of Polynesia and North Africa, bids fair to change the world. Self-Suggestion and the New Huna Theory of Mesmerism and Hypnosis is a practical manual of self-suggestion using the Huna techniques, including detailed instructions as to how the operation works. Huna (Hawaiian for "secret") is the word adopted by the author in 1936 to describe his theory of metaphysics. "This information concerning those parts of psychology which we have come to call hypnosis, mesmerism and suggestion, is being presented as an addition to the scant literature on the ancient psycho-religious system of the Polynesians called "Huna" or the "Secret"."