“The Self-Hypnosis Solution: Step-by-Step Methods and Scripts to Create Profound Change and Lifelong Results” by Richard Nongard

"The Self-Hypnosis Solution: Step-by-Step Methods and Scripts to Create Profound Change and Lifelong Results" by Richard Nongard

"This book teaches you exactly how to hypnotize yourself and then answers the question, “What am I supposed to do after I hypnotize myself?” It provides many different methods you can use to truly benefit from the proven techniques of self-hypnosis.

This book shares multiple ways to bring yourself into hypnosis, and over 16 techniques for making self-hypnosis a tool for creating lasting change after you have hypnotized yourself.

What are your intentions? Do you intend to make lasting changes in your relationships, habits, behaviors, or attitudes? To be successful, you will need a blueprint to take you from your intentions to actions that drive unlimited success. This book is that blueprint. With self-hypnosis scripts, step-by-step techniques for change, and precise instructions, you are sure to achieve personal success in every area of life.

Like Dr. Richard Nongard's other books, this book is destined to be a preeminent book in self-hypnosis because it reveals contrasting, yet highly effective strategies for creating the self-hypnosis resource state. The methods in this book will change your life by showing you the techniques and processes that will allow you to benefit from being able to hypnotize yourself fully. One method follows the traditional approach of hypnotic induction, and another is a rapid method for immediately accessing self-hypnosis resource states. Imagine setting your intentions and benefitting from self-hypnosis from the first few pages. Additional methods revealed in these pages can be used to support and adapt these methods ot any situation or desired outcome!

This book teaches you the easy to follow methods of self-hypnosis that Dr. Richard Nongard has taught countless others over his 30 years as a professional hypnotist.

This book is for people who not only want to know how to do self-hypnosis but for those who want to create a more profound experience and move into a repertoire of techniques. These techniques can be easily applied to deeper states of self-hypnosis and provide lasting transformation.

Learn the exact methods Dr. Nongard teaches to professional athletes, top students, business leaders, and others who come to his office because they want to move from merely learning how to solve a problem to actually living in a state of peak performance. The methods in this book can make you a better person, improve personal relationships, create wealth, put aside unwanted habits or behaviors, and live in abundance. You owe it to yourself to live your best life."