“7 Day Lenormand: Learn to Read Lenormand Cards This Week” by Andrea Green

"7 Day Lenormand: Learn to Read Lenormand Cards This Week" by Andrea Green

"Learn Lenormand in Seven Days!

Author Andrea Green boils down her extensive experience with the original Lenormand deck and presents these essential seven steps for you to learn Lenormand in just one week.

Andrea has worked with author Tali Goodwin who gave her exclusive access to the research that brought about the revival in Lenormand card reading. Now you can share — for the first time — the true interpretations and all the card meanings in one place!

This easy-to-follow booklet combines the earliest sources of fortune-telling by cards with the latest methods of teaching. It will give you the easiest and fastest way to read Lenormand cards with confidence.

As an experienced reader, you can also use this book as an essential reference guide to historical and contemporary card meanings.

You are about to learn Lenormand from the first roots of the tradition to the latest branches!"