“Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy” by Joseph Crane (incomplete)

"Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy" by Joseph Crane (incomplete)

"This is the first systematic presentation of Hellenistic astrology to the modern astrological world, and as such it uncovers rigorous techniques that have been lost to us for centuries. How exactly did ancient astrologers assess a chart for fame, career, and parents, love, and happiness? This book surveys ancient depictions of planets, affiliations between the planets and the zodiac, lots, houses or places, aspects, orientality, and fixed stars. The final chapters survey predictive systems used by ancient astrologers. Ancient natal and predictive techniques are applied to the charts and lives of over forty well-known historical and contemporary figures.

Students and professional astrologers will find this book a treasure of astrological insight, technique, and new interpretative possibilities. Not only will you gain knowledge of how ancient astrologers practiced their trade, but you will also have new tools that apply to modern life."

⚠️ This file was downloaded from Google Books and is missing about 15% of the pages.