“WarYoga” by Tom Billinge

"WarYoga" by Tom Billinge

"In the East resides one of the last living Indo-European spiritual traditions. Unbroken by the Abrahamic conversion that swept through the West and largely unaltered over thousands of years, Hinduism, the remnant of Vedic religion, currently has almost a billion followers in India alone.

Like their Indo-European Greek and Persian cousins, the Indians have a rich wrestling tradition going far back into history. Its present-day form known as kushti was adapted from earlier styles, some of which arrived with the Aryan Invasion.

Kushti wrestling and its conditioning exercises, a practice dedicated to the god Hanuman, could be called a sort of violent yoga. Its akharas are still filled with faithful adherents who grapple in sacred pits, swing weighted clubs, and lift heavy stones as part of their training.

In addition to being an authority on Greek mythology, Undying Glory author Tom Billinge also has a background in Vedic religion. This has lead him to become the standard-bearer for a uniquely Western continuation of the Indo-European holy warrior tradition known as WarYoga.

WarYoga merges old-world Indian athletic training with ancient Tantric principles rooted in the Vedas. This deeply esoteric, yet accessible program recreates a prehistoric system of Indo-European physical alchemy.

Recently returned from his second pilgrimage to India as a WarYogin, Billinge has brought back a work expounding this living tradition rooted in physico-spiritual transmutation. With its final pages written in the hotels of India between forays into akharas across the country, the essence of WarYoga has been distilled in book form."