“The Science Of The Craft: Modern Realities in the Ancient Art of Witchcraft” by Wiliam Keith

"The Science Of The Craft: Modern Realities in the Ancient Art of Witchcraft" by Wiliam Keith

"Advances in science have taken us farther and farther from the intangibles our ancestors used to define and understand their world- the presence of spirits, the healing touch, the “sight,” spells, rituals, and prayer. Science has attempted to draw a careful line between what can be proven and what cannot, and to divorce itself from any relationship to magic or faith.

But a revolution is at hand, one that is transforming our perception of science and of the way the universe works. William H. Keith, a science writer and a practicing witch, explains how a fresh look at quantum physics supports phenomena that have long been ignored or ridiculed by classical science. With a simple shift in focus, magic can be understood in scientific terms, without losing any of its inherent sense of wonder.

In engaging and frank prose, Keith argues that magic is governed by laws similar to any other scientific discipline—laws that can be applied to everyday life. Incorporating exercises that will help readers develop their own magic skills, The Science of the Craft is a stimulating and provocative read for anyone interested in Reiki, energy work, spirit channeling, shamanism, ESP, and Wicca—and a fascinating gateway for all those open to exploring the possibilities of psychic phenomena."