“Enter the Flow: Mindful Movement Qigong” by John Munro

"Enter the Flow: Mindful Movement Qigong" by John Munro

"Enter the Flow teaches principles of mindful movement and energy awareness so that you can become aware of the flow of energy in every move you make. For your energy to flow freely your joints need to be aligned properly, the blood must flow freely, the nerves must be active but relaxed, and there must be neither too much nor too little tension in the muscles and connective tissue. As you focus on the sensations of energy flow in your body you will create habits of using your body efficiently in ways that will help you to avoid unneccessary wear and tear and bring health and vitality to every part of your body.

As you become more skilled at working with this flow of energy, your movements will naturally become more fluid and graceful. With practice
you will be able to turn even the most mundane daily activities into a kind of gentle moving meditation that will refresh and invigorate you
and help you to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Everything you do will become a kind of qigong!

You can use these principles of awareness to gently explore and heal old injuries in your body, and also to learn to be relaxed and cope better with situations that you may have previously found mentally or emotionally challenging.

These principles of energy awareness can also be applied to specific movements to improve efficiency and achieve enhanced levels of performance in sports, work, or other pursuits."