“Between Heaven and Earth: Qigong for the Eight Extraordinary Meridians” by John Munro

"Between Heaven and Earth: Qigong for the Eight Extraordinary Meridians" by John Munro

"The movements in the Between Heaven and Earth practices are simple but energetically very powerful. By stimulating the flow of energy within the eight extraordinary meridians in the body. They set up a very strong and stable energy pattern within us, similar to the pattern found within galaxies, atoms and gyroscopes. This strong stable energy pattern makes us very resilient both physically and mentally, and able to cope with whatever life throws at us without being knocked out of balance.

Activation of the extraordinary meridians also allows us to connect to the power of Heaven and the power of Earth, allowing this energy to flow through us, refreshing and cleansing our energy field. When our energy field is full and strong it forms a protective buffer, and developing skill with this allows us to interact more harmoniously with other people and the world around us.

This book contains complete instructions and illustrations of how to practice the Between Heaven and Earth exercises, along with theory and practical explanations so that you can understand exactly what you are trying to achieve with each exercise and how each exercise works.

The Between Heaven and Earth qigong practices are an excellent way to boost your energy and build health, strength, and resilience while gaining a practical understanding of the often misunderstood extraordinary meridians."