“Encounters With Men Of Miracles” by Mayah Balse

"Encounters With Men Of Miracles" by Mayah Balse

"This book is a graphic facetoface account of encounters with unusual men and women — the faithhealers, the flesh mortifiers, the mystics who materialise ash and honey, black magicians, yogis who stop their pulse and heart beat, death defiers who get buried alive and live to tell the tale, spiritual seance mediums who act as transmitters between the living and the dead, and much more.

Some mysteries of the Universe are beyond man’s comprehension, yet they never fail to ignite his curiosity. The very fact that these psychic phenomena cannot be exhibited by everyone, adds to their peculiar allure.

This book is an objective sally into this realm. What gives some mortals these superpowers?

Science has not yet found all the answers. Hear what the mystics and miracle men say in their own versions of what exactly happens to them on the psychic, physical and metaphysical planes, when they are going through these experiences."