“Daydream Believer: Unlocking the Ultimate Power of Your Mind” by Mitch Horowitz

"Daydream Believer: Unlocking the Ultimate Power of Your Mind" by Mitch Horowitz

"Iconic voice of esoteric spirituality Mitch Horowitz provides today’s most impactful work on how and why your mind shapes reality.

Daydream Believer is Mitch’s ultra-statement: this landmark of practical spirituality repairs the gaps in mind-power philosophy and provides a usable, persuasive, and intellectually rigorous vision of why thoughts are causative.

In Daydream Believer, Mitch upends outmoded spiritual concepts and tells the hard-won truth: you experience psychical lives among infinite realms; your mind is an extraphysical and reality-selecting force; and your metaphysical powers are more freely available than you may realize. Daydream Believer explores:
The causal power of a wish alone.
How to tap the energies of thought during periods of grief, depression, or anxiety.
Why prayer and deific petitioning work.
How acknowledgement of suffering is a metaphysical force.
The outer reaches—and limits—of mind power.
What the ablest critics of mind metaphysics get right and wrong.
Unimpeachable scientific evidence of the extra-physicality of thought.

"My hope", Mitch writes, "is that Daydream Believer takes the last 150 years of experimentation in New Thought to its sharpest peak and sets us on a path for the next stage… If you find my claims bold, I trust that you will find my self-disclosures—necessary for any honest reckoning of practical philosophy—equally so."