“Dreamscape: How to Lucid Dream with ease” by Nick Barrett (Vol.1)

"Dreamscape: How to Lucid Dream with ease" by Nick Barrett (Vol.1)

"Dreamscape-series one is compiled into several short eBooks that offers you an easy to understand complete guide to navigating consciously in your dreams. The series one compilation covers the essential topics to the hidden secrets of dream reality.
Navigating through the fabric of time and space has been man's fascination for millennia. Is man made up of flesh and bone alone or is there an invisible energetic system that lay deep within the power of the soul? Can we experience a different type of conscious awareness?
Bending the rules of our known linear peripheral can be enhanced through the sacred art of lucid dreaming. Knowing we are in a dream and realising that we can experience two different realities simultaneously, brings us a whole array of in-questionable delight. We begin to move on from the fear of death, we converse with other entities, not from this planet, and we stretch the rubber band of our own consciousness.
Breaking the mould of what we perceive to be real in this reality makes us finally understand the reflective nature in both dream and wake. Our dreams can offer us an abundance of guidance so that we can sail calmly through the seas of physical living.
Being able to control your dream experience on command, instead of the dream controlling you, will certify that anything and everything is possible.
By discovering your wildest dreams, to actually live and breathe these alternate states of consciousness is no longer just a 'figure of speech'. You will gain the ability to navigate to your dreamscape anytime you wish to. You will discover a heightened sensory perception that is more attuned to your inner and outer worlds of divine guidance.
The Dreamscape-series one is suitable for all who wish to become accustomed to lucid dreaming for the first time, indeed also for the experienced dreamer who wishes to refine his or her lucid practice."