“Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions: The Science of the Unexplainable” by Louis Proud

"Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions: The Science of the Unexplainable" by Louis Proud

"We live in an environment permeated by both natural and artificial sources of electromagnetic energy, while we ourselves are electromagnetic beings. As we continue to pollute and thereby alter our electromagnetic environment, we are also altering ourselves. In particular, these changes infringe on the psychic side of our being.

This exciting and controversial new title shows how all things, from the mundane to the mysterious, are tied together by a vast–and largely invisible—electromagnetic web. It examines ESP, poltergeist disturbances, psychokinesis, electric people, UFOs, and other paranormal phenomena from an electromagnetic perspective. It also reveals how the artificial, alien energies we've been introducing into our environment shape the way we experience the paranormal.

Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions explores such questions as:
Do human beings possess a magnetic "sixth sense" similar to that of homing pigeons?
Are artificial electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by power lines, gradually destroying our health?
Can being struck by lightning or suffering a severe electric shock result in the development of psychic abilities?
What do scientists make of the fact that ball lightning can pass through walls, enter rooms by squeezing through keyholes, and display seemingly intelligent behavior?
Sometimes natural phenomena have supernatural consequences."