“An Occult Guide To South America” by John Wilcock (updated edition)

"An Occult Guide To South America" by John Wilcock (updated edition)

"Tour guide to the spookiest places on Earth. Join a journey to a land of mystery and mysticism on the edge of reality. Here are strange tales of witchcraft, spiritualism, lost races and religious miracles.

South American folklore has its share of unique and fantastic myths and legends. There are incredible tales of magicians and their weird magical arts, strange creatures, ghosts and other unexplained mysteries. The first explorers that entered Latin America were dazzled by the endless tropical raiinforests, the strange and diverse wildlife, and the indigenous peoples and their mysterious ways. Even today, South America, offers unique perspectives and influences on the paranormal that can not be found anywhere else on the planet.

The people of South America live in a world steeped in ancient traditions that enhance their lives with a rich taperstry of mystical beliefs. In modern Latin America, Catholicism is the predominate religion. However, especially in Brazil Spiritism has become extremely prevalent, believing in the survival of the human personality and the possibility of communication with the spirit world.

This Guide includes sections on …—The Dead Are Alive — Spiritism In Brazil — Demons And Sinister SPirits — **Creatures From Out of This World — **Living Dinosaurs — **There Be Giants In The Land, etc."