“Mindfulness, Meditation, Trance, and the State of Flow: Similarities, Differences, and the Lessons Learned From Emotionally Expressive Ancient Art” by Peter Migaly

"Mindfulness, Meditation, Trance, and the State of Flow: Similarities, Differences, and the Lessons Learned From Emotionally Expressive Ancient Art" by Peter Migaly

"What is this book about?—It makes you part of new discoveries that you cannot afford to miss if you want inner peace and harmony, that are prerequisites for success and happiness in life. It lets you see your future self, bringing the best out of you, of what life will be like after making just slight modifications in your life. It is a highly rewarding short read with captivating illustrations. Undeniably, it is super exciting and inspiring! Chapter 7 reviews some of the innovations from this book that you could not find in the original books on flow, or anywhere else.

Why should you care? This book grabs your attention and lets you in, revealing the secrets of how the human mind works, what moves and motivates all of us, and what matters the most in our lives. It is innovative and demonstrates how to learn new things in a way that does not feel like learning—and this is revolutionary by itself. However, the benefits do not stop here, as at the same time this book gives you an exciting experience at every turn. In many ways it is better than the original books on flow, or others on mindfulness, meditation…and even parenting. It models how to be inspiring, give unstoppable momentum, and go with human nature with a healthy brain hack that is internally rewarding, showing the right way of learning and teaching. It is a must read with great value that will impact your life and the lives of those you love. I highly recommend it.

The authors get immediately noticed by how they captivate and connect with their audience. It becomes evident that they poured their hearts into these projects; they are very passionate and deeply care! They sprinkle their stories and struggles—that are often like David against Goliath, fights for good causes, and they are always looking out for your best interest. This adds humility and reliability, inspiring their audiences to like and trust them. They also give proof time and again with the undeniable evidence that the results are quite doable, and that the journey to get these goals is rewarding. However, their origin stories are the story of humanity, the story of us, showing similarities we all share. They show what preoccupied the minds of our common ancestors, what the most important things in our lives are. They point out that this quest—a hero’s journey—is what we all have to go through, rediscovering it for ourselves, but it is much easier with a map at hand, presenting the information in an organized way after the strenuous work of breaking the codes has been completed. Their signature feature—using illustrations from the MuseumOfEmotions.org with emotionally expressive ancient art—makes this credible and easily relatable so you can see that you too can achieve these milestones, bridging the gap between where you were and where you want to be. You will have “Aha!” moments that open your eyes and you will find these illustrated short reads fun, exciting, and memorable."