“A Codex on Sex Magick” by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"A Codex on Sex Magick" by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Sex Magick is an occult manual that discusses the secrets and techniques of the ancient practice of sex magick. Sex magick is a very powerful practice once you learn how to use it. It is the exercise of energy in its raw and purest form. This codex redefines sex from a magical viewpoint and allows you to pierce into its secret mystery. Whether you want to use the power of sex to raise energy, cast a spell, or empower yourself, then this is the codex for you.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Sex Magick provides clear-cut instructions that will allow you to penetrate into the divine secrets of sex magick and incorporate it into your own practice. There is a reason why many adept practitioners of magick are deep into this practice: because it works, and it is powerful. Hence, if you want to experience real magick and have your whole body vibrate with tremendous force of magical energy surging through your entire being, then this occult codex will give you the satisfaction that you seek.

The modern society, with its perverse and corrupt ways, has corrupted the meaning of sex that it has lost its power. Now is the time to rediscover the true power of sex and use it for magical working. Remember: sex is holy, and therefore it should bring you closer to the gods with its overwhelming power.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Sex Magick is for those who are truly willing to learn, practice, and dedicate themselves to the true practice of the Craft of the Wise. This is not a new practice or teaching, but a divine wisdom and instruction whose roots can be traced back far away in ancient times — during the time when magick was a natural part of the lives of the people. Now is the time to rekindle the power of sex and use it to empower yourself and cast the most powerful magick. You will be provided with the right magical theories and practices. So, are you ready to learn and experience the divine power of sex? It is a life-changing power. It is divine and absolute at the same time. If you feel that you are ready, then let me welcome you into this magical journey. Enjoy it and be empowered. Let the power of divine sex show you the way to true power and magical enlightenment."