“Utopian Magic: Manipulation of Occult Societal Archetypes, Elements, and Forces” by R. Kirk Packwood

"Utopian Magic: Manipulation of Occult Societal Archetypes, Elements, and Forces" by R. Kirk Packwood

"The time has come for the revelation of a societal-magical framework working with occult sociocultural forces designed for the magical-spiritual, secular, and memetic manipulation of occult societal archetypes, elements, and forces. The ultimate purpose of Utopian Magic is to initiate the glorious guided emergence of utopian societies as righteous fortifications holding back the ubiquitous relentless negative factions of humankind and lead humanity toward achieving a higher order of existence. The scale of Utopian Magic and its potential influence on the form and future direction of human societies is significant.

For whatever reason, possibly guided by the unseen hand of an occult societal archetype interested in your talent and potential, you have discovered this book. This is more than just a book, however. This manuscript makes manifest a genuine manmade vortex within the Root Social Matrix leading to and providing electronic lumination upon the occult inner core of the root level archetype of all human societies and the means by which this societal root may be manipulated.

This book represents the logical and necessary evolution and expansion of the Memetic Magic magical-secular system to encompass all of society including the heretofore unrecognized and unnamed societal archetypes ruling over occult societal transformation elements and forces."