“Mind Hacking for Rebels: A Practical Guide to Power and Freedom” by Karin Tyden

"Mind Hacking for Rebels: A Practical Guide to Power and Freedom" by Karin Tyden

"Mind Hacking for Rebels guides readers on an exciting journey into their subconscious operating system, The Matrix.

With Mind Hacking for Rebels, readers learn how they, with small adjustments, can crush their inner limitations and gain access to their own POWER and FREEDOM. It includes smart and simple #mindhacks, so they can use more of their potential. Mind Hacking for Rebels also teaches how to hack one’s subconscious programming that controls up to 95% of their day and how to take command of their brain and life. Mind Hacking for Rebels shows how to overcome fears, stop inner saboteur, remove doubts and be one’s own best friend in order to maximize potential.

For those who are ready to be a rebel, do as thousands of clients and course participants have done and learn effective #mindhacks from one of Europe's sharpest Mind Hackers — Karin Tydén."