“Ask The Right Question: The Essential Sourcebook Of Good Dowsing Questions” by Maggie Percy and Nigel Percy

"Ask The Right Question: The Essential Sourcebook Of Good Dowsing Questions" by Maggie Percy and Nigel Percy

"Are you ready to take your dowsing to the next level? Learn the #1 skill you need to get the answers you seek. No matter what your level of experience, you know that asking good questions is the best way to get clear, accurate dowsing answers. Maggie and Nigel Percy of Discovering Dowsing & Sixth Sense Books have drawn on decades of their own dowsing experience and teaching people how to dowse, and now they’re here to help you. In this book, the authors show you how to craft the right dowsing question every time. By using the masterful questions in this comprehensive sourcebook, you’ll be prepared to get useful answers to your dowsing questions about health, relationships, major life choices, and all the other areas of your existence.

In Ask The Right Question, you’ll discover:
Why dowsing is a natural, intuitive skill anyone can learn
A huge list of expert-crafted dowsing questions to get answers in every facet of your life
Training to create effective questions of your own
How to use dowsing to reach your health, career, and financial goals more easily
Tips on interpreting results to get more detailed answers and much, much more!

Ask the Right Question is by far the best book on the most important skill you need for accurate, confident dowsing. If you like thorough explanations, detailed examples, and superb resources, then you’ll love this book from the world’s premier dowsers."