“She Who Scrivens: Write Your Book with the Help of the Egyptian Goddess Seshat” by Laurie Sue Brockway

"She Who Scrivens: Write Your Book with the Help of the Egyptian Goddess Seshat" by Laurie Sue Brockway

"Writing magick, ancient muses, and practical guidance for modern scribes.

Many of us have a book inside that wants to be born. Laurie Sue Brockway — Minister, Scribal Priestess, Publisher, and Author of more than 25 books — is uniquely qualified to help midwife the book of your heart.

She Who Scrivens is for authors who are searching for guidance on how to blend the sacred with the practical aspects of writing and publishing. And it offers spiritual magic tricks and ancient secrets that will help you get words onto paper.

Begin your book project with special help from Seshat, the Egyptian Goddess of Writing and Scribes, who is also known as "She Who Scrivens" and "She Who Writes". Always seen with a star upon her head, she connects us to the wisdom of all that is.

Writing is a sacred act that has magic and power. She Who Scrivens helps you:
Discover and embrace your own personal creative process.
Confidently carve out time for getting your words on paper.
Uncover ways to call your book into reality.
Define your goals and purpose as an author.
Call forth ancient muses to help you on your journey.

Laurie Sue blends ancient wisdom and practical inspiration for modern scribes so that you can find your own path to publishing."