“The Joy of Hex: Modern Spells Without All the Bullsh*t” by Nina Kahn

"The Joy of Hex: Modern Spells Without All the Bullsh*t" by Nina Kahn

"Calling all witches and badass b*tches! It's time to shake what the divine goddess gave you and live a life of bold intentions, powerful magick, and supernatural fun! Whether you're a baby witch, an experienced witch, or somewhere in between, this kickass collection of rituals and spells will inspire and invigorate your personal practice. Channel the mystical energies within and around you as you learn to manifest your dreams and open doors to exciting new possibilities. No matter what it is you're after (money, love, friendship, or inner peace), The Joy of Hex has you covered.

Inside you'll find:
-More than 35 rituals and spells to help you live your best life
-The lowdown on witchy tools like crystals, wands, athames, altars, oils, herbs, and more!
-Positivity and empowerment as you learn to trust yourself and use your intuition
-Mystical and magickal rituals that soothe the soul and make life sparkle
-A path to conquering the goals that matter most to you
-A chance to connect to Earth's natural cycles like the goddess you are

Unleash a glitter bomb of feminine power onto the world and make happy happen with Nina Kahn's The Joy of Hex, the friendly user's guide to the best spells in the cosmos."