“Advanced Wizardry: Theory and Practice of the Arcane Lore of High Magic and Incantations” by Loricus Ben Abechai

"Advanced Wizardry: Theory and Practice of the Arcane Lore of High Magic and Incantations" by Loricus Ben Abechai

"Advanced Wizardry is a book for both the beginning student of Magic and the practicing Wizard. Within you will find answers to the elusive nature of Magic, to what it really is and how is it that it manifests in the physical realms. It will be a helpful guide to the solitary student for it proposes a way to study Magic and to properly use it. In its pages you will find valuable information regarding the nature of Magic, definitions that up to now had been reserved and kept away from the world in general. It will provide the student with ample knowledge regarding the various levels of reality, the various magical laws and all the necessary information needed to kindle the prized Philosophical Sphere of the Wizard.

With this Sphere, the Apprentice and Wizard will be able to delve into the magical realms unhindered by the events, situations and dealings of the ordinary world and will allow him/her to reach into higher states of consciousness and awareness.

With this Sphere the aspiring student will be able to cast Magic the marvelous incantations found inside and will raise him/her towards the realms of angels and celestials.

Also, this grimoire holds in its pages those powerful and potent magical words that had been kept secret for a limited few and will give you the power to shape your destiny for the better. Finally, it possess a very fine and detailed view on the Tarot, the Runes and how to use them as it teaches you how to scry, use the crystal ball and the smoking censer to peruse into the invisible realms."

thx to Hal