“The Magick of Astaroth: Rituals for Power and Wealth” by David Thompson

"The Magick of Astaroth: Rituals for Power and Wealth" by David Thompson

"This book will present a controversial daemon. First, Astaroth is feminine. Second, she can be both a daemon AND goddess. She is not darkness versus light. She is not left-hand path versus the right-hand path.

Astaroth is simply the divine feminine in all aspects; a complex spirit, representing the duality of nature. She can be summoned as either a goddess or deamon. This book presents rituals that will use Astaroth is all her aspects.

This book also presents powerful magick methods for obtaining both wealth and power in all it's forms. New sigils specifically crafted for this book, which incorporate Astaroth's unique powers. You will also get access to some useful worksheets to assist you in crafting your statement of desire.

Want power in the workplace? Summon Astaroth and be prepared to take over in the boardroom. Power and wealth are both possible when using Astaroth in her daemonic form.

Along with traditional rituals, you will be given alternative rituals to Astaroth, methods of working that can be done with no props or tools, just a few moments of privacy."