“When the Stars Are Right: Towards an Authentic R’Lyehian Spirituality” by Scott R. Jones (kindle ebook version)

"When the Stars Are Right: Towards an Authentic R'Lyehian Spirituality" by Scott R. Jones (kindle ebook version)

"Yog-Sothoth … Nyarlathotep … Shub-Niggurath … CTHULHU. The Great Old Ones: hideous monster-gods from beyond Time and Space. Ancient, eldritch horrors that populate the pantheon of weird-fiction writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft's increasingly popular milieu, his so-called Cthulhu Mythos. Some claim that they are merely fiction, while others have convinced themselves that Lovecraft somehow intuited their objective existence. When faced with the weird, chimerical potency of the Great Old Ones, whether they are approached through fiction, magical practice, or, say, a table-top role-playing game, neither viewpoint really seems to satisfy. The Great Old Ones are protean, nebulous, unimaginable… and impressively persistent in their psychological and spiritual presence.

In When The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R'lyehian Spirituality, author Scott R Jones deftly breaks down the barriers between the rational and the irrational, between the bright logic of our daytime intellect and the fearful non-Euclidean symmetries of our darkest dreams. In the process, the truth of the Great Old Ones is revealed in all its cosmic resonance. Beyond reason… beyond madness… beyond the unspeakable… lies the Black Gnosis: a new mode of being, a spirituality that anticipates a new appreciation of humanity's place in an increasingly dire and indifferent cosmos. When The Stars Are Right asks the reader a simple question: "Are you keeping it R'lyeh?" The answers may surprise you. "